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Emaús Amor e Justiça - Emaús Love and Justice

We are a non-profit NGO and a branch of Emmaüs International. Our headquarters are located in the neighborhood of PIrambu, a traditionally poor and populous region of Fortaleza, capital city of the state of Ceara. Historically, Pirambu has been marked by social exclusion, violence amplified by the presence of drugs, child prostitution, and high unemployment.

We are a community of acceptance, compassion, hard work and giving - regardless of gender, race, color, religion or politics! It is our belief that Love and Justice go hand in hand in the creation of a new man, a new woman and a new society.

Our mission

Our main goal is to fight the causes of misery by constructing a society based on solidarity and justice, and by prioritizing those who are suffering most in the current system.

We strive to offer better living conditions and more dignity to the people of Pirambu. We believe that although some of us have more priveleges than others, we are all equally deserving of such opportunities. In our sociocultural activities we seek to promote education and citizenship development especially among children and the young.

We sustain our operation through both monetary and material donations. We collect donations of all kinds from homes and workplaces, then we fix them for resale or dismantle and sort them for recycling. We also develop agricultural, industrial and commercial ventures to offer employment oppotunities to our fellow community members.

Our Home

We are focused in the community of Pirambu, which includes the neighborhoods of Cristo Redentor and Nossa Senhora das Graças; Pirambu is located on the west coast of Fortaleza / CE. and is home to around 45.000 people.

See our location on the map below:


Our vision

To be recognized as a movement committed to professionalism and community service through the development of high-quality and ethical programs.