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Creche Verde

Creche Verde (Green Preschool)

The neighborhood of Pirambu is historically marked by low levels of education, poor housing and poor environmental awareness reflected in the dire pollution. Moreover, many women with low income that do not have access to public services for daycare have no choice but to leave their children alone during the day while working.

Therefore, Emaus plans to build a sustainable preschool of 329 m² which provides free care to 60 children aged 2 to 5 years, Monday through Friday. We aim to create a unique space that focuses on environmental and nutritional education for low-income families in the community of Pirambu.

Favoring the use of local resources, the project combines thousand years old techniques and innovative technologies to ensure the environmental friendliness of the construction, as well as the day-to-day sustainable use. Many of the best eco-friendly practices will be used: optimized natural lighting and cooling, adobe walls, green roof with built-in rainwater harvesting system, bio-septic tank to treat black waters, in order to protect the environment and the health of both attendees and neighbors.

The project also includes a personalized coaching service for each woman to help her manage both her career and her role as a mother, and thus promote the socioeconomic autonomy of women in our area.

Recursos necessários

This project would not be possible without the support of our partner, the Lions Club Guarani of Fortaleza that has contributed the lot, a 601m² area located in the heart of the neighborhood. However, the construction of this daycare is an investment that requires significant financial resources. We are currently looking for partners who can support us financially in order to help this project live up to its potential.

Origin of the project

Emaus has been battling the causes of poverty, and attempts to bring more dignity and education to the community of Pirambu. Despite the great strides we’ve made through the Bazaar and the Casa do Saber,  however, we still lack the sufficient resources to address some of the most significant difficulties the community is currently facing.

Therefore, we are trying to improve and expand our social work, offering services to make a greater social impact through the construction of the Pirambu Social Complex, a truly comprehensive community space that will offer various services and support systems to our neighbors. Creche Verde is the first stage of this complex.


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