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Casa do Saber  

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Casa da Criança

What is Casa da Criança?

Casa da Crianca (Children’s House) is a free community daycare center for children between the ages of two and five, and aims to provide psychological, educational and social support for the children of the community. Lead by social educators and qualified caregivers, children get involved in activities that lay the foundation for their future schooling: they play, paint, draw, and build their first friendships. In order to improve the overall health and nutritional status of children, we offer them three healthy meals a day.

Casa da Crianca also aims to promote the socioeconomic autonomy of mothers, offering them peace of mind and the confidence to leave the home in search of employment in the knowledge that their children are well looked after.

Current Situation and new project

Between 2009 and 2011, the Casa da Crianca welcomed 30 new children. Unfortunately, since January 2012, we no longer have the proper facilities to house the Casa and have had to go on temporary hiatus. However, we intend to use all the experience gained at the Casa de Saber for our new project, Creche Verde, a sustainable preschool. 
Read more about this project here.


  • Casa da criança
  • Casa da criança
  • Casa da criança
  • Casa da criança
  • Casa da criança
  • Casa da criança
  • Casa da criança
  • Casa da criança
  • Casa da criança
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