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Donation of second hand objectsDoar o-que-e-velho

Do you have things you no longer use, but that could be given a second life? Are those old computer parts, furniture, clothes, books, CDs, DVDs, toys, appliances, building materials, refrigerators, stoves, washing machines gathering dust and in need of a new home?
Consider donating to the Emaus bazaar!

Don’t worry, we come to you! Our truck will be by to pick up the donations in any neighborhood of Fortaleza!

Just schedule a pick-up time by phone (3282-2543 or 3286-5180), or online through the scheduling form

By donating your used objects to Emaus Amor e Justica, you are helping to:

  • generate employment and income in the worthy community of Pirambu,
  • preserve the environment by recycling unwanted objects.

Show your support!

While we are a self-sustaining organization, our developing projects will require an initial investment to get off the ground. In these cases, as the amount required is quite large, your financial assistance is more than welcome!

We are now accepting funds and donations for the construction of the ecologically sustainable daycare - the Creche Verde.
To read more about this pioneering project, click here.