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Casa do Saber  

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Casa do Saber

What is the Casa do Saber?

The Casa do Saber is a Social, Educational and Cultural community enterprise arising from the action of Emaus Amor e Justica, and it’s the hub of alternative education in the greater Pirambu area.

At the Casa do Saber we aim to strengthen learning and community integration with society, improving education in three areas: cultural, technological and social. We offer such services as tutoring, computer classes, capoeira, dance, music, and art courses ...

We serve mainly children and youth, but we also offer activities directed at adults.

Crianças do Saber

This project offers supplemental education for children aged between 6 to 14 years old. To participate in the program, all children must be properly enrolled and regularly attending school.

This program aims to help children (6-11 years) and adolescents (12-14 years old) in vulnerable situations to complete their homework. Students are provided the support they need to develop research and organizational skills.
Capoeira, instrument building and musical workshops, information technology, regional dance, summer camps...

We also offer pediatric psychological services.

Jovens do Saber

This project provides educational and pre-professional programs for youth.

Preparation for the IFCE (Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará), aimed at young people aged 15-18 years.
Training young people in the areas of information technology and entrepreneurship to act as community mobilizers through  digital inclusion. We seek to encourage young people to use social entrepreneurship project and technological resources to give back to their community. This project was developed in partnership with SECITECE (Department of Science and Technology of Ceará), SEDUC (Department of Education of Ceará), UFC (Federal University of Ceará) and FUNCAP (Cearense Foundation to Support Scientific and Technological Development).
Partnered with local company Cecomil, this project aims to train eight young people in vocational courses (Web-design and hardware) and help them transition into the labor market.
Courses are offered for both youth and adults to develop basic English language skills. The project is conducted in partnership with the CLEC (Foreign Languages Center of Ceará).
Preparing youth and adults to enter University, in partnership with the IFCE (Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará).

Comunidade do Saber

In this project, the Casa do Saber is used for special events such as birthdays and adult workshops (administrative assistant course, cooking course etc.), community service projects and other eduactional endeavors.

Aims at social inclusion and fostering a love of reading. Children, adolescents and adults get an hour of free internet time with which to read a book and make a summary. This project is offered in partnership with the Cooperativa Pirambu Digital.
With the support of the Municipality of Fortaleza and the Ministry of Communications, telecentro offers free public access to information/comunication technologies. The Telecenter offers computer courses and free use of equipment for a certain time, usually with mentors to aid the user. It is a space for collective use, which can also accommodate collective projects developed from the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
This project works with the active support of a lawyer who voluntarily attends and provides services to the entire local community and families who are unable to afford an attorney in labor, criminal, judicial causes. We aim to help citizens understand their rights as well as their duties.
This project aims to raise the environmental awareness of the community we serve. Each student of the Casa de Saber brings at least five kilograms of recyclables (glass, cardboard, PET bottles etc) per month to offset the operating costs of the Casa. Through this program, we aim to instill in our students a sense of environmental responsibility as well as clean up the streets of our neighborhoods.