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What is it?

The Bazaar aims to provide a livelihood for residents of the community by collecting, recycling and reselling community donations.

Every day, our team collects donations of computer equipment, furniture, shoes, appliances and other goodies from wealthier communities in Fortaleza. After a quick sprucing up, these items are sold at the bazaar, mostly to other residents of Pirambu.

This trade in second-hand benefits both the people involved in the project as the clients of community residents in Pirambu (Christ the Redeemer, Our Lady of Grace).

How does it work?

  • Who are the donnors?Funcionamento do bazar
    We receive donations from individuals and families as well as companies and other institutions.

  • Who are the cilents?
    Customers of our bazaar are mostly residents of the community (the greater Pirambu area), whose purchasing power is generally quite low.

  • The collection of donations
    The donation is picked up by one of our two trucks, so the donor only has to call, and we’ll be on our way! Interested parties can arrange collection with us by phone or through the online form. Our team collects the donated objects in your home /company/institution at the arranged time.

  • Repairs
    Upon arriving at the warehouse, the objects are appraised and sorted in the different workshops. The workshop determines the condition of the items and, if necessary, perform repairs. If objects are not recoverable, our recycling workshop salvages viable parts for resale.

  • Sale
    Every Saturday, from 8am to 12pm, the bazaar is open to the public on Rua Tomás Gonzaga, 226 - Cristo Redentor. The workshop is available to advise and assist customers. The main categories of objects sold are as follows:
    - Appliances: stoves, refrigerators;
    - Hardware: complete computers or parts;
    - Clothing: pants, shirts, blouses, shoes, etc.;
    - Toys: cars, dolls, balls, books etc.


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