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Corporate Social Responsibility

Why is Emaus Amor e Justica a good partner for your business?

Ally your business with the ideals of community improvement (through the Bazar and Casa do Saber).
Emaus Amor e Justica has thrived for 20 years under the administration and hard work of individuals from within the community of Pirambu.

Our hard word and success has been recognized time and time again by not only the mayor’s office of Fortaleza, but by state institutions such as the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology IFCe (ex-CEFET) as well as private institutions such as the Lion’s Club of Fortaleza and CECOMIL Mega Store. A trademark of the success, the Cooperativa Pirambu Digital, was created in 2006 by young people within the community and has supplemented the efforts of both the CEFET and the Casa do Saber. This achievement is just one of many examples of the robust and expanding nature of Emaus Amor e Justica, and should stand to encourage and reassure all who are considering a socially responsible business partnership with us.

Emaus is an international movement. Partnering with Emaus Amor e Justica gives you greater access to potential partners and projects both within Brazil and throughout other parts of the world.
Though our recycling and salvage efforts, Emaus Amor e Justica is putting discarded items to use, ofsetting the environmental impact of our consumer society, and helping preserve the environment. We also strive to educate the children and youth of the community. We ask that families who make use of the Casa do Saber (and the impernding Creche Verde) contribute to offsetting the costs of operation by bringing in 5kg of recyclables per family per month. To read more about this, the “Social Coin” project, click here.

Thus, supporting Emaus Amor e Justica supports not only our community, but the greater endeavors of education and environmental responsibility.

Examples of Possible Partnerships

  • Inclusion of your company’s logo on our website, our publications, and/or at our events.
  • Verbal acknowledgement of your sponsorship in interviews and other media forums.
  • Authorization to include Emaus Amor e Justica in your company’s published or online literature and in annual reports regarding your company’s charitable activities. Regular updates regarding the status of the project you support.
  • Participation in your company’s events by Emaus Amor e Justica so we can spread the word.

The terms of specific sponsorships and partnerships are subject to negotiation to fit your needs.

Want to learn more?

Call us at +55 85 3282-2543 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .